Harbor Hideaway

Harbor Hideaway is a single-family residence in the centuries-old whaling village of Sag Harbor, NY. The property is situated in center of a small peninsula and seemingly one of the only lots in the quaint neighborhood without direct water views. However, by flipping the traditional orientation of the home and providing ample roof access, the two-story home becomes a stunning lookout.

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Core Design Concepts

The traditional instinct would be to design the new home to face the street, but since the property is located on a wide street corner, the orientation was flipped to face the rear corner of the yard and the first floor facade was designed to act as a subtle privacy screen from the street.

In contrast to the front corner of the home, the rear of the home is opened up to create a strong connection between the home’s interiors and the property’s natural landscape. On the first floor this is done by adding a plunge pool that seems to flow right into the home. This sense of connection to nature continues up an open staircase that leads to the roofdeck which captures spectacular views of the harbors.

On the south side of the residence, a soffit projects beyond the facade to naturally shade the home from the high summer sun without blocking the warm, direct sunlight in winter months. This passive shade “ribbon” then wraps down to become a visual connection between the home and carport, creating a covered entry in its path.