Separate Together

A young, successful software engineer purchased a colonial-style home in Queens, NY for himself and his aging mother. The original home was in need of a restoration to return it to its historic form, yet it didn’t provide enough space for the entire family. Rather than creating an addition that mimics the existing home, and therefore ruins the symmetry of the classic colonial architecture, a contrasting modern addition is added. This allows the two unique architectural styles to sit side by side and each accent one-another.

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Core Design Concepts

The existing home had already been modified with a traditional addition. Removing this addition restores the symmetry of the original, historic home and re-centers the front door as is traditional in classic, colonial-style architecture.

A modern addition is then cut through the site which extends the interior spaces into the rear yard and floods the home with natural light. The contrasting architectural styles allows each style to enhance the other, similarly to the two generations of family living comfortably side by side.

The addition extends into the rear yard and creates a bright, new gathering place for the family and adds new living space for a growing third generation of the family.