Modern Home Design Process: Phase Three

Design Development

Just as the name implies, the Design Development phase futher develops the design concepts presented in the Schematic Design Phase. Using modern design software our team of architects and designers will create a detailed 3D model that will refine the home's exterior and interior structure simultaneously. Before heading into the Construction Documents phase the overall design of the home needs to be resolved.

What To Expect

During the design development phase we build a 3D model which allows us to simultaneously refine the details of the exterior facade and interior floor plans. This interactive design process will allow us to define locations of windows, doors, and primary fixtures / utilities. In this phase we will not only lay out what you will see and feel in your future spaces, but we also begin to lay out the hidden systems that live within walls and floors.

What We Need

Before completing the design development phase, we will meet with you or your family to make exterior material selections. This can be done in-person meeting in our New York City studio or shipped to you where you can compare physical material samples.
Seeing these materials will allow us to compare color, texture, dimensions and the installation procedures that are necessary for each product. Lastly, our team of architects will then bring these material selections into the 3D model that we have built of your home.

Examples of Design Development

Building Envelope for

Stitch House

The first presentation in the Design Development phase begins with the Building Envelope Presentation which explores all of the materials, finishes, and products that will make of the home's entire core and shell. This includes windows, doors, siding, roofing, decking, and more.

Building Systems for

Flying Bend

The next phase in the Design Development phase dives deeper into some of the more technical aspects that make the home function efficiently. This includes the mechanical system, the plumbing, the heating and cooling, the lighting, the shade locations, the A/V, the security, and more.

3D Walkthru Video for

Split Branch Manor

During the design development phase we utilize 3D modeling software to create a digital walkthrough experience of the home. This allows us to move you through the proposed design and experience what it will feel like to walk around your future home.