Brand New

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The band Brand New asked THE UP STUDIO to help launch a campaign to re-release previous records with new, exclusive content for their dedicated fans. The campaign was centered around a set of highly detailed lyric books.

Roughly ten years prior, the band had released a record which included one small note in the liner notes: "Please send one dollar to Brand New for a complete copy of the lyrics." Although the album "The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me", had become wildly successful, the band never delivered on that promise. The book's design embraced this passage of time and became a prized pay-off for patient fans.

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The books were created to highlight the band's history and included references to previous album artists such as the brilliant photographer, Nicholas Prior, and designers, Invisible Monsters.

Along with the book series, THE UP STUDIO also designed an accompanying website, merchandise, stickers, and patches which fit the campaign's aesthetic and themes.

For the limited run pressing we experimented with several printing techniques including blind embossing, die-cut stencils, letterpress, vellum reveals, and acetate offset printing. We worked closely with printers around the east coast to coordinate the production of these highly-detailed books within a reasonable budget.