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Acquisition Costs

Our calculation for acquisition costs take your submitted land cost and add a factor of 4% for closing costs.

These numbers assume a safe, vacant lot with easy access to utilities (water, electric & sewage.) Our calculations include $5,000 for permits and fees associated with the due diligence process in purchasing vacant land. However, a site that requires a tear-down of an existing structure, facilitation of utilities and/or an inspection of potentially hazardous situations should assume additional costs.

We will be happy to guide you through this process either way!

How much does the land cost?


How large is the property?

Construction Costs

The modern, sustainable homes that we design are primarily located in NY’s Hudson Valley and Long Island regions. In these areas, the cost of construction for the home’s shell and core averages around $250/sq ft. Since our projects are full service we add $75/sq ft. to that number for interior materials and details.

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Where is the project located?

Professional Fees

Professional fees will vary based on the specifics of the project however, the architectural industry standard fees are 8% of the cost of construction and the interior industry standard fee are 8%. Those numbers are calculated here based on the construction cost you’ve submitted above.

We have also assumed an additional $10,000 for additional consultants. Again, these costs will vary depending on your projects need for surveyors, expeditors, engineers, and lawyers.

Dont fret! Part of our firms services will be to connect you with all necessary contractors.

Proposed Arch. Fee:


Proposed Interior Fee:


Consultant Fee:


Total Development Costs



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