West Beech

Project Overview // October 2017

by the UP studio

"Build UP // West Beech" is a sustainable, single-family home in the West End of Long Beach, NY. It is the first self-initiated project by UP which aims to develop concept-driven architecture within Long Island's most vibrant, walkable downtowns.

The home’s modern design features an open floor plan, ocean views, a roof deck, multiple balconies calibrated according to the sun’s angle, and a location in the West End neighborhood of Long Beach that provides close access to the beach and local businesses and restaurants, as well as direct access to New York City on the Long Island Rail Road.

The project’s design concept consolidates all utilities into an active core that brings all fixed elements to the center of the home and clears the facade for maximum fenestration. This organization enables a fully open, rectangular floor plan with maximum flexibility.

The UP Studio served as architects, interior and brand designers while also acting as the developer for the project. While under construction the team developed a visual identity for the home which included diagrams, models, illustrations, motion graphics, and renderings to help visualize the future project. That aesthetic was carried out through a custom website and on print collateral used for real estate marketing.

The architectural illustrations, diagrams and videos help explain primary design concepts and amenities throughout the project which allowed potential buyers to understand the value of the homes sensible design.

Diagrams & Drawings

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