the UP studio : Architecture, Interior, and Brand Design : Hat Club SoHo

In late 2012, as our young studio was looking to grow its portfolio, Hat Club approached UP regarding a 210 SF space they were preparing to lease in SoHo, NYC. The client owned 20+ retail stores on the West Coast and this was to be their first NYC endeavor. Hat Club's aesthetic at that time required a much needed facelift to compete in the New York market and UP was hired to do so. ARCHITECTURE : Schematic Design • Design Development • Construction Drawings • Bid Services • Construction Administration • Rendering • Feasibility Studies

INTERIOR : Material Selection • Furniture Design • Furniture Selection • Design Development • Construction Drawings

BRAND DESIGN : Visual Identity • Collateral Coordination • Motion Graphics • Art Direction
UP were given few parameters aside from maximizing "faces." At that time the product was universally displayed on a perimeter slat wall system with individual racks each holding 15 hats of the same design but in various sizes. We explored a myriad of storage options but were not interested in being limited to the perimeter slat wall systems. As we started to explore new ideas for displaying product a simple solution revealed itself. Fifteen hats grouped together form a volume and by encasing that volume we were able to create a simple, self supporting, modular structure that could display and store hats. This "lego" like element can now be placed anywhere in the store, giving UP ultimate design freedom.
By housing the merchandise in 420 modular boxes, the shop can evolve as needed to address shopper demand. If the need arises to add, change, twist or turn inventory, the design can accommodate accordingly.
Exposing the building's relics contrasts the product's clean lines and bright colors.
Inspired by old New York, the reimagined identity was created to continue the concept of contextual contradiction. The brand informs the Architecture as the Architecture informs the brand.
The shop is located in the oldest freestanding building in Soho and demolition revealed unexpected gems which the design adapted to highlight.


2013 / COMPLETED / SOHO, NYC / 210 SF

General Contractor & Millwork - Tristan Warner Studios

Photography - Julia Cawley

Sign Painting - Ok Mitch