the UP studio : Architecture, Interior, and Brand Design for Minimal Medical Practice : Mudgil Dermatology and Dentistry

Mudgil Practices came to UP with a challenging request: to create "The MoMa of doctor's offices." A husband and wife team made UP of a dermatologist and dentist, respectively, wanted to house both of their medical practices in a shared, but separate office space. ARCHITECTURE : Site Selection • Schematic Design • Design Development • Construction Drawings • Bid Services • Construction Administration • Rendering • Feasibility Studies

INTERIOR : Material Selection • Furniture Selection • Design Development • Construction Drawings

BRAND DESIGN : Visual Identity • Collateral Coordination • Motion Graphics • Web Design & Development • Art Direction
Teaming UP early in the process allowed the doctors to evaluate possible sites objectively. We created feasibility studies, explored basic layouts, and compared rough construction costs of each site. The building that was ultimately purchased needed to be completely gutted to maximize an efficient plan.

By designing all elements, architecture, interior, and brand design simultaneously we were able to create a visual language that is consistent throughout all aspects of the project.

UP's primary goal was to eliminate the confusing circulation patterns commonly found in doctors offices and medical practices, and to create a simple plan which would ease patients' anxieties and phobias.

By distributing the required programmatic elements to the perimeter of the building, allowing as much natural light to enter those spaces, a central hall was created. While generating the two separate zones of the project, the central hall also provided clarity within the space and a sense of calm for the patients.

With clarity given to the plan, UP studied the circulation patterns of the patients, doctors, and staff, finding that there was a dynamic nature to their experience through the space. These circulation patterns were combined and then grafted to the ceiling plane, creating a unifying gesture that unites both companies and the overall experience within the space.

The project includes a dermatology zone, a dentistry zone, mini and full-sized testing laboratories, shared and private offices for each practice, and an intimate shared waiting area for patients.

Each practice utilizes state of the art equipment. The dermatology side is comprised of Boyd Industries surgical chairs, Medical Illuminations International surgical lights, Conmed Hyfrecators, and UVbioTek narrowband UV lamps. On the dental side, Henry Schein's Dental team helped provide assistance in selecting the A–dec dental chairs, A–dec dental lights and monitors, A–dec 12 o'clock treatment dental cabinet, and the Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 Imaging Center, all of which complement the clean architecture.

One of the design aesthetic requirements from the clients was to create "The MoMa of doctor's offices." After much thought and debate, UP agreed upon a simple material palette against a prominent white setting. Once that was established, strategic placement and organization of all of the medical equipment's inner workings proved to be critical in achieving the clients' design goals.

The dermatology practice had been using an existing monogram created by OPTO design for their original location. Using that single logomark as a foundation, we created a monogram for the dentistry practice and an entire custom typeface which would coincide with the existing mark.

UP also created a shared identity which would be used to identify the practices as a single entity. This mark was created to represent the two practices sitting side-by-side.

The custom font is available for free download HERE

The simple and clean aesthetic was carried throughout the design, including the lab and staff areas.

From architectural and brand design to the finest of interior details, UP was the sole source design entity throughout the project.



Client - Mudgil Practices

General Contractor - Stewart Senter Inc: Glenn Katz, Vice President & Marcin Sereda, Supervisor.

Film - Vancrafted Studios

Photography - Harriet Andronikides