Architecture Process: Phase Six

Construction Administration

During the construction administration phase, our team will work on your behalf to ensure that the original design intent is executed properly. We do this by attending regular site visits to inspect the work that has been constructed to date. At each of these visits we will meet with your general contractor and subcontractors to address any questions or concerns that may arise. While some items may be able to be resolved on site, it is common for our team issue additional documents and drawings that propose ideal building solutions.

What To Expect

Our team will work as a liaison between your family and the contractors that you have selected to build the new home. During the construction administration phase, we will oversee the residence's construction to ensure that the design intent is met.

What We Need

It is important that you and your family enter the construction process with an understanding that issues will arise. However, with a proactive approach and an open dialogue between our team of architects, your builders, and your family, we will quickly find resolutions.

Examples of Construction Administration

Construction Administration for

Open Corner

During the construction of a modern farmhouse we designed in Long Island, NY we were able to proactively resolve many construction details before they became issues. Notably, We worked with the team of talented contractors to find alternate solutions to a custom, modern steel staircase and an HVAC system.

Construction Administration for

Infinity House

The construction of our largest, modern residence to date required active observation of the construction process to confirm that the difficult technique of poured-in-place concrete was properly executed. Having our team on site during this process was crucial to executing the design intent.

Construction Administration for

Free Float Cabana

Often during the construction administration our team is presented with options from the general contractor. The proper selection of minute details for some building materials can have a massive impact on the end result of a modern residence. As seen above, the metal used to wrap the shade structure's cantilevered plane was available in many finishes and our team was there on our regular site visits to make the best selection.