Infinity House

Tropical, Modern Retreat

Infinity House is a nearly completed ground up family retreat on the Intracoastal in Florida. The house is arranged into five separate zones allowing us to break down the overall massing while creating a sense of ownership for all of the occupants. Additionally, the front and rear of the house are treated differently to react to site conditions. The front is surrounded by landscaping to shield it from the street while the rear of the property is open to the water allowing the interior and exterior to merge. Finally, due to the extreme Florida summer sun, a cantilevered shell integrates sun shading and exterior living space with a single gesture.

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Core Design Concepts

The overall shape of the residence was conceived by conceptually breaking the home into zones. Placing the dock, guest suites, utility, and garages in areas which won't obstruct views allows the public spaces, master wing, and family suites to sit in locations that have the best views of the neighboring intracoastal waterway.

The residence was then wrapped in a “ribbon” of concrete which provides a flat roof for solar power, multiple green roofs, and overhangs that are calibrated to keep the interiors cool by blocking the direct light of the hot Florida sun.

The free, open floor plan is organized around a rigid grid system that is bisected by a diagonal axis. This axis comes to an apex at an exterior seating area which blurs the line between the home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Above it, a cantilevered “floating” pool becomes the defining feature from the perspective of the passing boaters.

A neutral material palette of natural stone, cedar accents and white walls help create consistency as indoor and outdoor spaces flow together without distracting from the lush natural environment surrounding the home. Finish materials, custom millwork and furnishings were all drawn and selected by the team to add textural layers to the project, emphasizing programmatic organization and contribute to the clean, minimal aesthetic.

The poured-in-place concrete of the home’s massing is skinned with white stucco which establishes the primary tone and texture for all other elements to play off of. The white stucco creates a seamless relationship with the interior white walls which allows the contrasting cedar walls and soffits to flow between indoor to outdoor spaces.

Because of the home's large scale it has been compared to a modern boutique hotel design and the home's amenities list fits that descriptions. The home's design includes four pools, a yacht dock, an interior courtyard, a second-floor bar, and a modern art collection all designed and curated by our team.

Construction Progress

The residence is currently approaching the end of phase 01 of construction which will allow the homeowners to occupy the home during the winter months. However, a second phase of construction will complete some of the larger design elements, like the second-story plunge pool. Completion of phase 02 is expected in late 2019.

Located on the active Intracoastal waterway in Boca Raton, Florida. The home's shared spaces were designed to maximize the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces which capture the stunning views and engage with the local climate.