The Modern Home Design Process: Phase Five

Interior Architecture Selections

Phase 05 of our modern home design process focuses on appliance, material, and other fixed element selections. In this phase we will research and gather physical samples of proposed materials that are consistent with the approved interior themes. Starting with the most complex areas like kitchens and bathrooms, we will propose selections that fit within your budget and construction timeline.

What To Expect

Our presentations during the Interior Architecture Selections Phase will be broken down by areas of the home including presentations for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other areas of the home. These presentations will include digital vignettes of key areas of the home. Although these are not fully photorealistic renderings, they will help you visualize the materials in use. Additionally, our team will study cost, specifications, durability, and installation methods for each material and will then curate a collection of physical material samples that you and your family can see and feel.

What We Need

The Interior Architecture Selections Phase cannot conclude until you and your family have selected the materials that we will integrate into our drawings in the following phase. These selections will cover flooring, wall covering, countertops, cabinetry styles, and color. Our team of architects and designers will curate a focused collection of options for you to see and feel. This will also allow you to see the many materials paired side by side, which is fundamental in the decision-making process.

Often, these materials will be selected from the large material library in our studio in NY. However, we may collect and catalog new materials that are uniquely fitting to your desires.

Examples of Interior Architecture Selections

Interior Architecture Selections for

Sight Sea House

The interior material palettes were presented to the homeowner after they had already approved the layout, floor plans, and elevations in the previous phase. This allowed us to have a simple conversation about the tones, textures, costs, and installation methods of our proposed material selections.

Rendered Interior Floor Plans for

Skipper House

Since flooring is carried out consistently through so many areas of the home, a rendered interior floor plan visualization can be very helpful to show a homeowner where the flooring transitions will occur. These dollhouse visualizations are presented along side the physical material swatches so they can touch and feel the proposed selections.

Interior Renderings for

Barbell House

After we've had a chance to present our proposed selections for interior materials, we provide our clients with photorealistic renderings of the proposed design. This allows them to see the agree-upon layout and concepts of the interior architecture phase fully clad in the materials and finishes we are recommending.