Interior Architecture Process: Phase One

Interior Architecture

The first phase of the interior architecture process is when we further develop the architectural design. Using the "core and shell" that we defined in the previous stages of architecture, we will now refine the layout, floor plans and elevations of the fixed elements of the new home. In this phase we will study your family's wishlist and lifestyle and create circulation patterns and layouts that enhance your daily lives.

What To Expect

In the Interior Architecture Phase we will model all fixed elements of the home using cutting-edge 3D software. These drawings include modeling areas like kitchen cabinetry, bathroom layouts, and flow within the gathering spaces. Additionally we will explore custom elements like stairs and millwork. This phase may also include layouts of lighting, power, and smart home integrations.

What We Need

After all assets have been modeled in 3D, we will provide you with a series of more black and white vignettes and elevation drawings. Without being fully photorealistic, these architectural drawings will allow you to better visualize our proposed designs for your future home. Once we have approval from this phase, we will move to the Interior Architecture Selections phase where we will start to visualize these interior space with materials, appliance, and fixture selections.