A deeper look at the work and workplaces of some of
the brilliant, creative people who we collaborate with.

Harriet Andronikides
of HA Photography

Meet Her Close Up

Harriet Andronikides HA Photography

One of the first architectural photographers we ever worked with continues to be one of our favorites and most trusted in New York City. READ MORE

Paul Jordan
of Bark Frameworks

Meet Him Close Up

Paul Jordan Bark Frameworks

After collaborating with our Long Island City neighbors on art framing for our Infinity House project we became fascinated with the hidden history to art framing and their 100% employee owned business model. READ MORE

Chris Ventresca
of Ventresca Lighting Designers

Meet Him Close Up

Chris Ventresca Ventresca Lighting Designers

We stop by Chris' studio and learn about the happy accident that illuminated his career path towards lighting design. READ MORE

Greg Marett
of Bayview Landscape Architecture

Meet Him Close Up

Greg Marett Bayview Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects have to design with elements that will completely change over time. We sat down with Greg Marett of Bayview Landscape Architecture in his Long Island City studio to discover more about his process. READ MORE

Tristan Warner

Meet him Close Up

Tristan WarnerTristan Warner Studios

After working closely with us on several NYC retail build-outs, Tristan moved south to construct his own home and many other local projects in his new neighborhood. READ MORE

Kelly Shea
& Brendan Banks

Meet them Close Up

Simple Film Camera Icon Minimal Volkwagon Van Icon Graphic Design

Kelly Shea
& Brendan Banks
Vancrafted Studio

After trading in the New York hustle for life in a van, these two filmmakers, travelers, and overall storytellers have crafted themselves a new lifestyle with ample time to create whatever they want. READ MORE

Dan Wood

Meet him Close Up

Letterpress Machine Graphic Icon Design Print Shop and Designer Interview Series Icon

Dan Wood DWRI Letterpress

Long after letterpress declined as a practical medium for production, artist and printmaker Dan Wood revived some antique machinery to create stunning, tangible prints from his RI shop. READ MORE

Anthony Westenberger
of AMW Development

Meet him Close Up

Anthony Westenbergerof AMW Development

The general contractor behind our Breakers Balconies and Living Well projects shares his experiences bringing our designs to life!

John Breznicky
& Cayla Ferari

Meet them Close Up

Laser Cutting Minimal Design Icon NYC Subway Map Minimal Graphic Icon

John Breznicky
& Cayla Ferari BKLZR

John and Cayla show us around their Greenpoint studio and explain how a design for their apartment wall turned into a full-fledged business of playing with lasers. READ MORE