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Sustainable Home Design

The Value & The Costs.

The Value & The Costs
of Sustainable Home Design

Home design and construction techniques are changing rapidly. Nowadays, It's completely doable to create a comfortable and beautiful new home that actually gives back to the environment more than it takes. LEARN HOW

Major Home Renovation -vs- A New, Modern Build.

Which is right for you?

Major Home Renovation
-vs- A New, Modern Build.

While it might seem crazy at first, it is almost always a better investment to build a house from the ground up rather than doing a major home renovation. Wait! Don’t leave yet. Let us explain! READ MORE

The Custom
Home Design Process

A Step-by-Step Guide

The custom home design process

Before engaging an architect, it’s important to understand how our design process works and if it's a good fit for your personality. Our goal is to provide clarity on what to expect from each phase. Let’s explore what happens when you hire THE UP STUDIO to design your custom home. READ MORE

How Views of Nature Inform Architecture

and Our Design Process.

How Views of Nature Inform Architecture

Maximizing views and creating connections to nature can be one of the most important design considerations for any building whether its a residence, a retail space, a boutique hotel or a workplace. READ MORE

The Interior
Architecture Process

A Detailed Timeline

The interior
architecture process

In our previous post in this series, “What You Need To Know About The Custom Home Design Process”, you learned about our design process for realizing your dream home. In this article, you will discover our process for custom home interiors. READ MORE