What You Need To Know About
The Custom Home Interior Design Process

In our previous post in this series, “What You Need To Know About The Custom Home Design Process”, you learned about our design process for realizing your dream home. In this article, you will discover our process for custom home interiors.

Phase 01:

Interior Concept & Programming

The first phase of our interiors process is very similar to that of the exterior architecture process. In this phase we study the three primary parameters that shape all of our designs: Client constraints, Environmental consideration, and Concepts.

What sets us apart from other firms is the experience of our initial phase: Interior Concept + Programming.

This first phase of our interior design process establishes a realistic budget and timeline and uncovers the overall aesthetic preferences of you and your family. The more that we can learn about this, the better we can design to your goals.

With your preferences in mind, we study the proposed architectural solutions that you will have recently approved from the Concept & Programming phase of the exterior design. Then we begin to study how the architecture and interiors will work together to create a consistent thread through all areas of the design.

Phase 02:

Interior Schematic Design

Phase Two is called Interior Schematic Design. In this phase we further explore room layouts of your home's primary spaces. Starting with the most complex areas like kitchens and bathrooms, we begin to draw through some rough massing studies and basic floor plans. These initial studies allow us to understand the basic forms and how they will affect your family's daily use of the space and your circulation throughout the future home.

Phase 03:

Interior Design Development

Phase Three is Interior Design Development. We take all feedback, references, and materials selected in the previous phases and apply those decisions to our architectural drawings. Using an innovative, 3D modeling software we are able to apply our material selections and understand how each will be applied.

Phase 04:

Interior Construction Documents

Phase Four is the Interior Construction Documents phase. You and your family have approved the interior design drawings and made your product selections, so now our team is ready to create a buildable set of drawings. These drawings get into minute details and construction specifics that will allow your general contractor to expertly execute your home's interior.

Phase 05:

Interior Furnishing Selections

Phase Five is the final step in the Interior Design Process and is called the Interior Furnishing Selections phase. We research, curate, bid and shop for all non-fixed elements of the home. This includes decorative lighting, furniture, art and accessories of all kinds. While we believe it is crucial to adorn the home with furnishings that are symbiotic with all other elements of design, we do understand that these selections are often personal decisions. So it is ultimately up to you to decide which furnishings you would like us to curate.

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