The Living Well

Original Concept & Renderings

This sustainable, modern residence located on the south shore of Long Island was designed to provide the homeowner with a peaceful place of healing. The home has now been completed but these early diagrams and renderings provide an overview of the concepts behind the design.

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Core Design Concepts

Although a perfect square is never found in nature, the form is known to be stable and rigid both structurally and symbolically. Designing the floor plan of the home as a perfect square creates a space that is easily understood and rational. The simplicity of the home’s lines and forms disappear to create a strong connection with the natural landscaping of the property.

The stairwell is placed in the center of the floor plan, which allows the exterior shell of the home to be opened to natural light. This central core is then extended beyond the roofline to capture additional sunlight and provide the stairwell with enough light to plant a large vertical garden. Or, as we like to call it, a “Living Well.”

The rear yard of the home is to be planted with a lush green garden. To help carry that feeling of nature indoors, all of the primary shared spaces of the home are pushed to the rear, creating a colorful interaction and a stunning view of the garden.

The south shore residence broke ground for construction in early 2020 and will continue throughout the year. The sustainable home will be the next addition to our portfolio of Long Island architect-designed projects.