Sight Sea

Amagansett Oceanfront Renovation

A Hamptons home on a picturesque property wasn’t taking advantage of the available sightlines toward the oceanfront. With a series of deliberate architectural gestures, we were able to shift the views back to the water without disturbing much of the existing residence. The result is a visually cohesive renovation that provides the homeowner with a greater connection to nature.

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Core Design Concepts

The existing residence had many interior glimpses of the ocean, but was not fully taking advantage of the panoramic ocean views available from the second floor. By designing a series of small additions, the main gathering spaces and the primary bedroom were able to reclaim stunning vistas of the neighboring Hamptons beaches.

After the extrusions are added, a series or rhythmic wood slats are wrapped around the renovation’s facade to create a single architectural gesture. The exterior materials were chosen to create consistency with other areas of the home including the home’s entry and a stunning modern addition by Resolution 4 Architecture.

A soft and neutral interior material palette serves as a backdrop to the newly reclaimed panoramic views and ties back to other areas of the home.
Bright white walls are paired with soft colored stone surfaces harking back to the tones and movement present in the surrounding landscape. Our intention is to keep the focus on the stunning vegetation, sky and ocean views beyond.

The custom Amagansett home addition began in early summer of 2021 with a rapid construction timeline which requires hand-on construction administration support from our team.