Interior Design Process: Phase One

Interior Themes & Layouts

In the first phase of our interiors process, we work quickly to best understand your constraints. We do this by having transparent conversations to establish a realistic budget and timeline. This is also when we work to unearth some of the the overall aesthetic preferences of you and your family. Secondly, we study the proposed architectural solutions and begin to formulate concepts on how the interiors will work together to create a consistent thread through all areas.

These initial studies allow us to understand how the basic aesthetic themes and layouts will affect your family's daily life.

What To Expect

Since design is an objective endeavor, the more that we can learn about your families aesthetic preferences, the better we can design to your goals. We do this by providing you with our Client Questionnaire which helps us learn more about your lifestyle and preferences.

Once we receive your initial responses, we will curate a presentation of interior reference images from our vast library of inspiration. These images will begin to establish an overall theme for the aesthetics of the home. Your feedback from this initial presentation will guide our vision for the "shell" elements of the project like Floors, Walls, Ceilings & Trim. Additional presentations will follow shortly that will aim to guide our vision for how we populate specific spaces of the home. They will also include space-planning diagrams with minimal detail to simply study how you will move through, and interact with the space.

What We Need

We begin by asking you to fill out a questionnaire that helps us understand how you live and how our design can enhance your life. - Will your home primarily be a quiet oasis filled with books or will it be a bustling space for large gatherings and entertaining? Do you live alone or will your family be growing in the coming years? - Our Predesign Questionnaire will help us gather important information about you and your family and will inform all our design decisions going forward.

Following this series of questions, we will ask you to gather interior reference images and chat with us about what you both love and loathe in each of the images. These precedent images can be shared with us via Houzz, Pinterest, or our custom upload form.