How long will
your new, custom home
take to design & build?

Answer a few simple questions below to find out.

Acquisition Process

Depending on your desired location, finding the right piece of land for a new, custom home can be a pleasure or a struggle. However, working with a knowledgable realtor and engaging an architect early in the process can significantly reduce the time and challenges that will arise. Our team of architects and designers has ample experience with new development projects and can run feasibility studies on any property to confirm that you will be able to build your dream home. Additionally, we have a large network of realtors in Hudson Valley, Long Island and Coastal Connecticut who are familiar with custom, modern home projects. Contact us HERE and we would be happy to connect you.

Do you already own the property?

Are you buying the property in cash?

Will you be taking out a construction loan?

Architectural Design Process

While all architecture firms are unique, our studio focuses on full-service design projects where we design both the home's architecture and interiors simultaneously. Our experience has taught us that this method allows us to significantly reduce time. Learn more about our design process HERE.

Are you decisive and excited about the custom home design process?

Will you be purchasing all new furniture/furnishing?

Construction Process

Hiring the right builder is a decision that will have a huge effect on your new home's timeline. Once our architecture firm has completed a set of construction documents, we will work with you to gather bids from multiple local contractors. Based on their quotes, we will then guide you through the value engineering process and help you select a builder that we believe can execute high quality craftemanship in a reasonable timeline. Additionally, for projects located in the areas surrounding NYC, our team will oversee the construction administration. This allows us to identify and resolve any obstacles that may arise during construction before they become an issue.

Does your town/city have an extremely efficient permitting process? (Probably not)

Does the property already have water, sewer, and electrical hookups?

Will you be removing an existing home on the property?

Will your new, custom home be smaller than Four bedrooms?

Does your town/city have an extremely efficient certificate of occupancy process?

Total Estimated Time

Based on your submissions your new, custom home will take roughly ...