Development Services

Architectural Developments Services from Architecture Studio showing site diagrams

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an in-depth look at what is possible on the properties presented in the site selection phase. When purchasing property, it’s critical in the decision-making process to understand whether a site is even buildable. However, it’s just as important to understand the property’s zoning requirements to confirm whether or not you can build your ideal architectural project in this location.

What To Expect

During the Feasibility Study, we will provide a site diagram outlining the following essential details:

ZONING ANALYSIS: This determines the legal development rights of a property which have been set by the local municipalities. Things we will learn include what the allowable house size is or if a pool or accessory structure will be permitted.

SETBACK ANALYSIS: Based on local building code, we can determine precisely where on the property the house can be built. This information will help us understand our design limitations when addressing your amount of privacy, utility locations, and program allocation.

SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS: Additionally, we will study the site-specific natural features of the site. This data might include understanding some steep slopes, the sun’s path, ideal views, and more.

What We Need

Working with the local municipality, we will need to pull property history and information to make sure we fully understand the conditions with which we’re working. We will also need to be granted physical access to the site to perform a proper land survey and make sure the environment is suitable for your desired goals.