Development Services

Architecture and Graphic Design Studio Creating Investor Decks to Acquire Real Estate Lending

Investor Deck

You may need to prove to a lender that your project is a strong investment. In these cases, we will create comprehensive presentations that show the potential value of a project to help get private investors or banks on board financially.

What To Expect

In addition to the financial proforma that we create during the feasibility studies phase, we will create an easily-understood presentation emphasizing the value of your new architectural project. We will create maps, infographics, proposed amenities, and neighborhood highlights that reinforce these ideas. Lastly, we will combine the information and comparable sales from our site selection phase to create a thorough presentation to present to banks or individual investors.

What We Need

To create the most persuasive presentation, we will need a strong understanding of the amount of lending you seek and the returns you will be willing to provide. We are not financial or legal consultants. However, we can help you run these numbers in our proformas and confirm what ROI that you think is financially viable to make the project a wise investment.
Additionally, we need to understand whom the investor deck is targeting. The way we present to a bank may be significantly different than how we address the individual needs of a private investor.