Harlem Hinge

A Modular Residential Development in Harlem, NY

Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood is a blend of pre-war townhouses and modern developments which is consistent with the diversity of the local residents. This new, six-story building will continue that narrative by bringing modern design and development techniques to a largely 19th-century city block. The building will house six residential condominiums and a habitable roof deck and will be built using modular construction techniques. This modern construction solution is minimally invasive to the neighborhood since the majority of the projects development will be built in a factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and delivered to the site via freight.

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Core Design Concepts

Hinging the front facade creates a smooth transition between both neighboring buildings and allows the saved floor area to then be allocated to the rear of the site which has a slightly wider footprint.

That rotation also orients the condo's interiors to face the ideal views down the tree-lined city block. This simple move enhances the lives of the residents by bringing natural views indoors.

Lastly, each condo is provided with a private balcony and the penthouse unit is squared-off to provide extra space for the building's most costly unit.

Designing for modular construction offers a series of challenges however, as the construction drawings have evolved, the core design concepts have remained consistent throughout the architectural design process.