John Patrick Winberry

Architect and Founding Partner at THE UP STUDIO

As the founding partner, chief wrangler, and architect at UP, JPW finds the genesis of a new project to be the most thrilling stage of production. His favorite moments are when a big idea or design concept is presented to clients and they begin to feel the same enthusiasm that we feel while creating it. He is dedicated to overseeing and managing clients' expectations throughout the life of a project, and expanding the brand of UP. He is also the best singer in the studio and could easily outrun or strikeout any of his collaborators. (These last claims have not been fact checked, nor have they been corroborated by any evidence.)

Contact John for speaking engagements, potential projects, or to learn more about the modern home design process.

John's Selected Works

Harbor Hideaway
Harbor Hideaway is a single-family residence in the centuries-old whaling village of Sag Harbor, NY. The property is situated in center of a small peninsula and seemingly one of the only lots in the quaint neighborhood without direct water views. However, by flipping the traditional orientation of the home and providing ample roof access, the two-story home becomes a stunning lookout.

Free Float
Free Float is a pool house that continues THE UP STUDIO's obsession with contextual contradiction. Located on a three acre estate in Sands Point NY, the modern pool house is juxtaposed against the existing traditional home. Using structural gymnastics, a column-free, simple shading area was created to protect occupants from the summer sun while still allowing the structure to feel light and open, maintaining views of the Long Island Sound and surrounding beaches.

TableTop explores the concept of contextual contradiction. By allowing both the existing 1960's suburban ranch typology and the new addition to live free of stylistic constraints, the project seeks a contextual harmony. This project is special to our studio because the collaboration on this project began the genesis of what eventually became THE UP STUDIO.

John's Selected Press & Interviews

Dwell Magazine Interview
Dwell Magazine stopped by our Long Island modern farmhouse that we call Open Corner House for an exclusive house tour and sat down with John Patrick Winberry to discuss the architecture design decisions.

Graphisoft Interview
The team at Graphisoft stopped by to interview our team about our studio's transition to the 3D design software ArchiCAD which was then cut into several episodes of their series "By Design" and this video that highlights our team and technology.

Architect as Developer
An extensive interview with John, Adam and Jeff about how acting as our own developers allows us to create concept-driven residences, experiment with new typologies, and create our ideal business opportunities.

Dr. Mudgil Podcast
Our previous client and owner or Mudgil Practices, sits with John to discuss our Architecture, Interior, and Brand Design services for his modern medical office.

Design Observer
Design Observer sits down with local professionals, including John Patrick Winberry, about our rapidly evolving neighborhood, Long Island City.

Brick & Wonder Stories
A proud member of the design community Brick and Wonder, John is often invited to share his thoughts with other NYC-based professionals.