Team UP

every design has a story to tell.

THE UP STUDIO is a full-service architecture, interior, and brand design studio that enhances people’s lives through concept-driven work. Our projects are customized to our clients’ needs, site specific, and rooted in a thoughtful design strategy.

We believe that every design has a story to tell. To tell that story, we employ a multidisciplinary approach that combines broad ideas, diligent organization, and innovative tools, presented within a coherent narrative. We are passionate about this process and look forward to sharing it with you.

Meet The Team

Adam J. Wanaselja


When not reading, obsessing over the Mets, or running after his toddler, Adam Wanaselja co-manages and co-runs UP. As an architect and firm partner, his superpower is translating big ideas into functional and beautiful architectural solutions.
Once a project’s programmatic needs are determined, Adam sculpts the program into a unique design concept. He has an enviable ability to get into the flow state easily, and he intuitively transforms simple big-picture mockups into complex and elevated architectural designs. His technical understanding and uncanny ability to see how things should go together wow even his colleagues.

CJ Canales


In addition to being nearly fluent in three languages, C.J. Canales speaks the language of DETAIL. He develops ongoing architectural design projects by preparing construction documents, while coordinating tactile products and finishing components. C.J. gets an overwhelming (some may call it “freakish”) sense of satisfaction in seeing things through to the end by melding a client’s desires with a contractor’s requirements.



Dubem is a superstar at ArchiCAD, the 3D BIM software that we use to design our architecture and interiors. She is an incredibly detailed and efficient designer and artist, working on precise execution of drawings and 3D visuals under the leadership of Giulia and C.J. Before moving to NYC to join UP, Dubem lived in DC and Maryland where she worked with other small firms. When not toiling around with 3D models, Dubem enjoys painting, spending time with her cat, and taking long walks.

Giulia Chiarlitti


Whether it’s a space that naturally encourages gathering or a hideaway that feels like a cozy retreat – Giulia meticulously combines form and materiality to create interiors that flow together with intention. She has a gift of envisioning a client's desires while simultaneously understanding a builder's craft. Her fastidious (bordering on obsessive) dedication to creating the most pristinely detailed set of drawings sets her apart from others in her field. Therefore, she is able to manage realistic timelines and budgets yet still design functional and emotive interiors. But, let's be honest, her strongest trait is her continued willingness to laugh at our bad jokes.

Jeffrey Ramirez


Jeffrey is passionate about using graphics & brand design to create a better built environment. In the way that a single yellow line painted on the road saves millions from crashes - he believes graphic design has the ability to reshape cities, buildings, and homes in ways that enhance people’s everyday lives. Prior to co-founding UP, his background in communication design (at Pratt Institute and various NYC design studio’s) prepped him with the ability to translate complicated architectural theories into simple, understandable concepts and to create consistent visual languages. His work ultimately helps individuals navigate, understand and engage with the spaces they inhabit.

John "JD" DePaulo


For many, the idea of embarking on a custom architecture project can seem like a daunting, confusing, and often tedious process – One with years worth of questions and major financial commitments. This is exactly why having JD as the point-of-contact from Day One is so vital to fostering consistent and effective communication throughout the life of a project. Whether you’re chatting with him about construction budgets, complex architectural details or just this season’s snowboarding conditions - It’s impossible not to feel at ease around JD’s calm, unwavering demeanor.

John Patrick Winberry


As the founding partner and architect at UP, JPW finds the genesis of a new project to be the most thrilling stage of production. He lives and breathes for the moments when a design concept is presented to a client and they begin to share the same enthusiasm that we feel while creating it. He has an almost superhuman ability to come up with big architectural ideas while still being able to communicate them with clarity and zeal. He is also the best singer in the studio and could easily outrun or strikeout any of his collaborators. (These last claims have not been fact checked, nor have they been corroborated by any evidence.)

Lorri Rego


No detail is too small for Lorri’s consideration. As UP’s studio manager, she proactively orchestrates complex logistics and executes exhaustive tasks to keep operations running at maximum efficiency. While her career has spanned many fields, Lorri’s purpose has remained consistent: to enthusiastically support teams so they can focus solely on the job they came to do. Her work touches many areas at UP including operations, marketing, and business development. When she’s not keeping our ducks in a row the San Francisco native enjoys horticulture, perfecting recipes, crafting, and exploring Brooklyn.

Olivier Manuel


Olivier has spent years working in architecture firms throughout the Hudson Valley and Connecticut honing the art of 3D design. His strong background in BIM software paired with his knowledge of residential building techniques allows him to meticulously craft architectural drawings that are as beautiful in form as they are in constructibility.

Tabatha Keller


Our stellar bookkeeper, Tabatha, has 14+ years of experience providing bookkeeping and operational support to small businesses and individual clients. As Founding Principal of Lumen Business Services, she transitioned her focus to the architecture & design field and deeply understands our industry’s particular needs. Tabatha is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and an associate member of the Association for Women in Architecture and Design. Outside of crunching numbers, she enjoys pilates and hiking.

In the heart of the rapidly evolving New York neighborhood of Long Island City our studio serves as a home base for experimentation, collaboration and discussion. Our diverse team of architects and designers thrive in the space that invites collaboration.