Team UP

We believe the best design solutions come from asking “Why?” For that reason we have assembled a studio filled with collaborative dialogue between a multi-disciplinary team. Although our job titles differ greatly, we all aim to create smart design solutions that lead to spaces that enhance people's lives.

Adam J. Wanaselja

Architect / Partner

When not reading, obsessing over the Mets, or lamenting the NYC summer heat, Adam Wanaselja co-manages and co-runs UP. As an architect and partner, he translates big ideas into functional and beautiful architectural solutions. Adam intuitively transforms rudimentary thoughts into complex and unique architectural concepts, all with the jawline of Bruce Wayne. Adam sincerely loves what he does, which probably has something to do with why he does it so well. [EMAIL ADAM]

John Patrick Winberry

Architect / Partner

As the founding partner, chief wrangler, and architect at UP, JPW finds the genesis of a new project to be the most thrilling stage of production. His favorite moments are when a big idea or design concept is presented to clients and they begin to feel the same enthusiasm that we feel while creating it. He is dedicated to overseeing and managing clients' expectations throughout the life of a project, and expanding the brand of UP. He is also the best singer in the studio and could easily outrun or strikeout any of his collaborators. (These last claims have not been fact checked, nor have they been corroborated by any evidence.) [EMAIL JOHN]

Jeffrey Ramirez

Designer / Partner

Jeffrey Ramirez is a partner / creative director / graphic designer / organizer / whatever-you-want-to-call-him at UP. Like orchestrating a nerdy symphony, Jeffrey effortlessly manages an array of moving parts on multiple projects while creatively crocheting ideas from a multifaceted pool of experience and research. Layered architectural presentations, branding, motion graphics, web design... you name it, Jeffrey's already on it. He has the ability to translate complicated theories into simple, understandable concepts, creating a visual language relating to a space that even physics geeks would applaud. [EMAIL JEFF]

John Depaulo

Project Manager

JD is UP's Rock of Gibraltar (if the Rock of Gibraltar were inclined to shred some gnarly powder on its snowboard). His Project Management process, ability to delegate, and his commitment to consistent, effective communication with clients make him an integral element of organization for every project that comes through the doors. JD also oversees the preparation of construction drawings for every project UP works on. He's a man that has an answer for every question, a solution to any problem, and an incomparable "dad voice" whenever his kids call. [EMAIL JD]

Giulia Chiarlitti

Senior Designer

Giulia is a Senior Designer here at UP. She has experience in every phase of project building, from conceptualization to schematic design to client relations. Her meticulous ‐ bordering on obsessive ‐ dedication to creating the most pristinely clean set of drawings, and a strong knowledge of detail / materiality sets her apart from others in her field. She has a strong ability to create streamlined visual representations of complex architectural layouts and maintain organized communication between teams of contractors and the client, but let's be honest, her strongest trait is her continued appreciation for our bad jokes. [EMAIL GIULIA]

C.J. Canales

Architect / BIM Manager

In addition to being nearly fluent in three languages, C.J. Canales speaks the language of detail. He develops ongoing architectural design projects by preparing construction documents, while coordinating tactile products and finishing components. C.J. gets an overwhelming (some may call it "freakish") sense of satisfaction in seeing things through to the end, facilitating a client's excitement through material and color choice, as well as spatial placements. [EMAIL CJ]

Thomas Costa

Developer / Designer

Initially working as a freelance developer for a single project, it quickly became clear to the team that Thomas’ insatiable curiosity would be an invaluable trait to add to the studio. There is no off-switch to his craving to grow. Whether he is creating a better way of tackling everyday tasks or completely rethinking “industry standards” he continues to push our team towards the most advanced and efficient technologies. If those technologies don't seem to exist yet, he's here to help create them. [EMAIL THOMAS]

Our Studio

In the heart of the rapidly evolving New York neighborhood of Long Island City our studio serves as a home base for experimentation, collaboration and discussion. Our diverse team of architects and designers thrive in the space that invites collaboration. [Explore some of our favorite parts of the neighborhood HERE]