Jeffrey Ramirez

Brand Designer and Partner at THE UP STUDIO

Jeffrey Ramirez is passionate about using graphics and brand design to create a better built environment. In the way that a single yellow line painted on the road saves millions of vehicles from crashing into each other, he believes that graphic design has the ability to reshape cities, buildings, and homes in ways that enhance people’s everyday lives.

In 2011, Jeffrey helped launch THE UP STUDIO along with architects John Patrick Winberry and Adam Wanaselja. His background in communication design, and experience working at various NYC design studios, prepped him with the ability to translate complicated architectural theories into simple, understandable concepts and to create consistent visual languages. His work ultimately helps individuals navigate, understand, and engage with the spaces they inhabit. Jeffrey holds a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute.

Contact Jeffrey for speaking engagements, potential projects, or just to say "Hi."

Jeff's Selected Works

559w23 is a new luxury residential building in West Chelsea NY, which boasts six unique duplex residences. THE UP STUDIO was hired early on in the project and were able to help advise on a naming and branding strategy before diving into a full brand design package including visual identity, package design, print design, signage & wayfinding, web design & development, and art direction.

Mudgil Practices
A clean, minimal design creates a unique identity for Mudgil Practices, a new joint dermatology and dentistry practice. Through a multidisciplinary design process in which UP provided architecture, interior design, brand design, signage and wayfinding, custom topography, web design, and collateral coordination, UP presented a unified design that simplified every aspect of a patient’s experience in the space.

Infinity House
Infinity House is a nearly completed ground up family retreat on the Intracoastal in Florida. The house is arranged into five separate zones allowing us to break down the overall massing while creating a sense of ownership for all of the occupants.This architectural diagram was used to convey a simple concept to the client: that the most-used interior spaces of the home should be positioned where they are able to capture the property's ideal views.

Jeff's Selected Writing & Interviews

Dwell Magazine Interview
Dwell Magazine stopped by our Long Island modern farmhouse that we call Open Corner House for an exclusive house tour and sat down with Jeffrey Ramirez to discuss the architecture design decisions.

Uprise Art
The team at Uprise Art spoke with Jeffrey Ramirez about his art selection and curation for Infinity House. THE UP STUDIO was tasked with selecting all interior materials, furnishings and accessories for the grand modern home. This included a search for art that directly correlated with the architecture itself.

Architect as Developer
An extensive interview with John, Adam and Jeff about how acting as our own developers allows us to create concept-driven residences, experiment with new typologies, and create our ideal business opportunities.

Design x Architecture
Jeffrey strongly believes that graphic design has a valuable role in all phases of architectural and property development projects. Good design helps architects pitch their concepts better, helps developers market their projects smarter, and helps real estate teams sell their properties faster. In this course he explains how.

Close UPs
Constantly inspired by the creative people around him, Jeffrey takes a deeper look at the work and workplaces of some of the brilliant creatives whom he is lucky enough to collaborate with.

Brick & Wonder Roundtable
Jeffrey is an active member of the Brick & Wonder community and is often invited to roundtable discussions with other NYC-based creative professionals.

Criterion Collective
Criterion Collective featured Jeffrey in one of their interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Jeffrey's Personal Projects

Below is a small collection of personal designs and snippets from some of Jeffrey's favorite personal projects. While these designs didn't have a place to live within THE UP STUDIO's mission, we thought they still deserved a home. The projects below include illustration and animation for a cancer charity, award-winning album art, a laser-cut shelving system, various posters, merchandise and more.