Brand Design x Architecture

How Graphic Design Helps
Shape Better Architecture

We strongly believe that graphic design has a valuable role in all phases of architectural and property development projects. Good design helps architects pitch their concepts better, helps developers market their projects smarter, and helps real estate teams sell their properties faster.

In the following course we follow the standard timeline of an architectural project and break it into three key phases. In each phase we outline graphic design services which can add value to the project at that time. Each service is accompanied by detailed descriptions and examples from both our work and other successful firms. We hope that as you follow along, you will gain a better understanding of the primary role that graphic design can provide throughout the course of an architectural project.

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Phase One: Concepts

Visualizing Architectural Concepts

Too often brilliant architectural concepts go unbuilt for lack of proper articulation of the big ideas. When faced with the challenge of pitching to a client, to a city, or to the public it is extremely beneficial to work with graphic designers who can help visualize ideas simply. Our job as designers is to help tell your story in a way that is clear and easily understood by your audience. Our goal is to help the architect see their visions come to life by transforming the way they present their ideas.

Graphic Design Strategy for Architecture


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It's so simple, yet often overlooked, to understand who you're trying to appeal to. Initial strategic studies will help identify your ideal targets for marketing. Once these have been agreed upon all brand elements should be designed with this strategy in mind.

Architecture Diagram Designs


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Diagrams help translate complex architectural ideas into simple and understandable visuals. These visuals enhance clarification in meetings with clients, town / city boards, or the public. Site maps, figure ground studies, etc. all help tell your story clearly.

architecture rendering styles


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Architectural visualizations serve as a valuable way for an untrained eye to understand the form, scale, and palette of an upcoming project. Choosing the correct camera angle, lighting, and composition allow us create powerful renderings.

architecture illustration examples


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Illustrations that depict an architectural project in a simplified form often allow a viewer to focus on specific features without the distraction of photorealism. Our simplified designs utilize elements of a brand to portray a larger concept.

Designing architecture presentations


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Designing concise presentations with a coherent narrative helps steer a conversation and educate your audience. We develop visually compelling presentations that organize everything from financial proformas to project timelines.


Phase Two: Construction

Representing A Project
During Construction

The construction / development phase of a new project is often the most pivotal for strong graphic representation. Whether the goal is to inform the public of the work being done, or to garner interest from potential buyers, or simply to document the process for promotional purposes there is almost always a strong need for brand designers to translate those ideas into visuals.

logo and corporate identites for residential developments


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Designing a consistent aesthetic for a project may require a defining logo mark, a specific color palette, a custom typeface or more. We create that language and also carry it through to all elements of your project's visual presence.

website design for architects


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A description or tagline can entice, educate or captivate. We create the tone of written content to maximize the potential legibility on signage, the web traffic from search engines and to speak directly to a target demographic.

architectural photography and art direction


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Good photography will favorably document the build process, capture neighborhood scenes, and represent a team with worthy portraiture. Our photographers capture images that fit a project's aesthetic and marketing goals.

graphic design for architectural floor plans

Plans / Elevations

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Floor plans and elevation drawings serve as more than construction and bidding documents. They are also a way for potential buyers, tenants, or critics to perceive a space. We work closely with other architecture firms to simplify plans for marketing.

architecture infographics and development maps

Maps / Infographics

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Maps and additional diagrams emphasize key features of a particular project's location, amenities or other selling points. We design simple infographics and visuals which allow a viewer to instantly grasp the benefits provided.

animations for architecture marketing

Video / Motion

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In a digital environment, video and motion graphics aid in the presentation of data. They also can enhance the view of a space or an explanation of amenities while keeping a viewer engaged longer than a static diagram or still rendering.

social media content design marketing for residential developments and architects

Social Media

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Social Media has become a primary means of gathering and engaging with a specific audience. By creating and curating well-designed content to share we are able to target potential buyers, renters or clients for your architectural projects.

marketing design for residential developments

Additional Marketing

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There is almost always a reason to begin promoting the sale or rental of a space prior to the completion of construction. We work to develop site specific marketing materials and collateral that are unique to your project and location.


Phase Three: Completion

Designing For Completed
Architectural Projects

Once a project has been completed there are still remaining areas where graphic designers can either create designs that complement the architecture or enhance the functionality of the space. Whether it be Wayfinding Signs that relate a building's design or visual marketing that represent the project to potential occupants internationally. All these services can be beneficial when created by designers who understand architecture and the development process.

print design for real estate marketing

Print Collateral

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Print collateral often incorporates floor plans, renderings, diagrams, and more into a branded package design that itself can imply the quality of the space being sold. Our experience with print allows us to use clever techniques within a budget.

website design for architecture

Web Design

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A teaser website is often used to gather the interest of potential buyers and provide general information about an upcoming building or residence. Our design and development will maintain a strong aesthetic while maximizing SEO.

sign design for buildings

Wayfinding / Signage

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Strategically placed wayfinding and signage inform visitors how to navigate and interact with a space. Our designs, planning, and coordination of production will ensure that all aspects of the signage compliment the architecture of the space.


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