Lantern Point

North Shore Waterfront Haven

On a quaint peninsula jutting out from the North Shore of Long Island, a new home delicately balances the ideas of peaceful privacy and holistic openness. The solid, minimal form and material palette of the home’s front facade is inverted to the North where a simple steel and glass frame skims the house, creating the effect of a lantern for boats passing by.

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While the family values their privacy, the waterfront views were too spectacular to impede. Fortunately, the North Shore location allows for an open rear facade that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. In contrast, the home’s entry and neighboring facades are largely solid and geometric forms which naturally shade the home from the summer sun.


The home is oriented to give the homeowners an idyllic bedroom view while the rooms reserved for the rotating cast of friends and family are inset and surrounded by ample storage for repeat stays and water sports. Between the two bedroom blocks, a single double-height space brings everyone together to gather in the coastal views.


Above the double-height gathering space a custom circular stairwell brings the homeowners and their guests up to a habitable flat roof which provides an additional outdoor area. This additional space allows the family to have a private space that seems to float in the landscape.

Framed by an intricate yet minimal steel frame, the rear of the home is skinned in floor to ceiling glass windows that overlook a large pool and patio area between the home and the seawall. The northern window wall gives all of the home’s most used rooms a continuous connection to the bay and sound.