Island Shelter

Convertible Modular Home Concept

Building challenges abound for a property with precious natural vegetation and located on an island with limited access. This modular home design concept creates a luxurious new residence with minimal harm to the landscape and significantly reduced construction time on-site.

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Core Design Concepts

Designing a home that can be built in a factory requires the design to be broken down into smaller parts. We do this by first placing the home’s required program in the ideal areas to address the property’s views and sun exposure.

These individual building blocks are then broken down further to provide the necessary features to each area of the home. Additionally, a continuous circulation path is placed within each block on the street-side of the home.

These modular home sections are pre-fabricated in a factory off-site and delivered to the site with minimal impact to the natural landscape. Once the modular blocks are installed on site, there is minimal work required by an on-site contractor. (Learn More)

Since the home is broken down into a kit of parts, the exterior facade and roof lines can be finished in various ways to create an aesthetic that is custom to the homeowner's desires.