Commonview Residence

Modern Waterfront Residence

THE UP STUDIO designed this private residence in the West End of Long Beach, New York, to be shared by two brothers and their small families. The site, which has ocean views to the south, allows for a design exploration of form, transparency, orientation, and spatial organization that responds to the natural context.

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Core Design Concepts

THE UP STUDIO divided the required program into two designated areas: those with prime views vs. those without. The shared spaces and master bedrooms, which face the ocean, open to the views with floor-to-ceiling glass. The spaces with city views have smaller, punched windows, which creates a tension of contrast between the opposing corners of the structure.

The front corner of the home is wrapped with two stories of balconies and a roof deck. These cantilevered forms not only provide ample exterior space but they also naturally shade the interior from the hot summer sun. Conversely, In the winter months when the sun's arc is lower, the direct light will come through the windows to organically heat the space.

The home is situated in a quaint, walkable beach town on Long Island that was previously ravaged by a hurricane. Therefore, raising the home above the flood plane provides safety in the event of future tropical storms. THE UP STUDIO's team of architects has ample experience with designing sustainable, modern homes in Long Islands coastal towns.

The residence's interior furnishings, accessories and paint selections were made by the talented WARD 5 DESIGN while THE UP STUDIO designed the placement of all permanent fixtures and utilities to coincide with the core architectural concepts. The collaboration provided the shared homeowner's with a comfortable flow through space which was then adorned with bright, playful furnishings.

Ultimately, the home's design provides the two families with a unique layout that brings the family together in a space that encourages engagement with the neighboring Long Island beach and boardwalk.