Twin Gables

Water Mill Modern Farmhouse

Nestled among the orchards and wineries of Southampton, this new single-family residence in Water Mill, NY, combines deliberate modern design functionality with classic farmhouse forms that are familiar to the local vernacular. The home is designed to provide ample interior space without compromising on natural light, views or connection with nature.

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Core Design Concepts

The property is wrapped with mature local trees and surrounded by neighboring farmland. To continuously connect the family with the local landscape, the rear of the home is lined with glass while two rooftop lookouts provide views of orchards, Mecox Bay, and the beaches along Dune Road.

By twisting the first floor massing out into the rear yard, the dark center of the home now opens up to be filled with natural light and views. Additionally, this gesture created two covered living/dining spaces which further encourage the family to gather outdoors.

Two classic farmhouse gable forms cap the second floor of the home and resemble two side-by-side floating barns. The clean-lined gables juxtapose the flat roof terraces of the first floor, creating a compelling dialogue between old vs. new.

Site work began on the new home in summer of 2021 with the Hamptons modern developer East End Building Company.

Both an indoor and outdoor seating area extend into the rear yard and look out on the yard and pool area. This architectural form is then capped by a pool house bath / changing area which helps create a rear yard that is active and engaging for young families but without dragging a mess into the home's interiors.