Twisted Ridge

Hudson Valley Modern Mountain Retreat

Sitting atop the hills just outside of Hudson, NY, Twisted Ridge Mountain Retreat is a family home and guest house overlooking the Taconic Mountains and nearby wildlife habitats. The black cedar home creates an idyllic escape that focuses the family on nature at every turn.

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Core Design Concepts


The region’s stunning natural landscape and it’s proximity to NYC makes it a highly desirable getaway for city dwellers. While the homeowners appreciated the value of a rental property they also wanted their own private serenity. By separating the two structures into a primary residence and an accessory dwelling unit, we are able to maintain privacy for all while still creating a central outdoor space for gathering with their guests.


The main residence is oriented to provide the gathering spaces and all three bedrooms with views overlooking the stunning fields and mountains of the Hudson Valley.
Similarly, the public spaces of the guest house capture mountain views without creating a direct line-of-sight into the family’s private residence.


Due to the amount of annual snowfall in Columbia County, NY it is most cost effective to have a pitched roof. This prevents too much load by allowing snow to naturally slide off the roof during winter storms.
Once the roof pitches were calculated, we then created more surface area for solar panels (with optimum exposure) by twisting the ridges. The roofline now dances up and down in a way that seems to mimic the local mountains.

The rear courtyard and pool area blends manicured landscaping with wild, native ground cover which reduces both the family’s maintenance and environmental impact. The fire pit area sits perfectly centered on the site and aims to connect the homeowner’s with their frequent guests and the sleek, modern pool and hot tub design gives them a perfect summer retreat with unrivaled views.



The accessory dwelling unit (ADU) will be used for both guests and renters seeking an escape from city life. It is well connected to the property's amenities, and restricts the views to only the gathering spaces so as to not compromise the privacy of the family’s main residence. A carport and separate entryway is placed in the rear of the property which instead looks out upon the lush, native forest.


The main house is divided into a single-story volume which houses entry, utility and a quiet reading room and a two-story volume which houses the kitchen, living, dining, and bedrooms. These spaces are placed on the property to best soak in the vast Hudson Valley views. Additionally, the ample outdoor space significantly increases the gathering space in the warmer months.


When overlaying the zoning and the allowable area of disturbance, the 11 acre site had a concentrated location where the home could be placed. It happened to work in our favor that this area allowed us to maximize the breathtaking mountain views while preserving the natural vegetation.

The home's primary gathering area brings the kitchen, living, and dining to the rear of the home to overlook the Hudson Valley mountain views. The light, neutral interior palette contrasts the home's dark wood facade and directs the eye to the natural setting outdoors.